Hi there. My name is Brooke. 

As a holistic coach with a background in nursing, I've had the privilege of listening to the stories of dozens of women


Hearing these stories turned my vague interest in wellness into a wild curiosity. While each woman is unique, I’ve noticed a theme over the years. Women are hungry for answers to their health, yet many remain in a cycle of burnout and frustrating symptoms. As a holistic coach, I am on a mission to help as many women as I can to reach their fullest potential and be truly well. 

Since my high school years, I have been on a healing journey, at times swinging between the extremes of modern-day "diet culture" as I navigated the confusing world of health and wellness. Through years of study and practice, I have learned how to work with my physiology and create sustainable, simple practices that optimize my health while enjoying life's journey and not obsessing over it. I no longer fight against my body, but have learned to embrace my body's innate healing capacity and to be gentle with myself. I am continually learning about how to support our bodies naturally. The blog portion of this website is the overflow of my excitement as I share my favorite resources.


As a holistic coach, I seek to challenge my clients' belief systems about their bodies, minds, and emotions. I empower each client to know that she is a whole person and worthy of care. I want her to find joy - not drudgery -  in the process of becoming well. I am with her each step of the way to celebrate the wins, walk through the discouragement, and provide guidance, education, and tools to help her be successful for the long-term.


I do not take this responsibility lightly. I have poured years and invested many thousands of dollars into my own growth so that I can provide a quality coaching experience to my clients:

  • My professional background includes over five years of nursing experience in women’s health. 

  • I am certified by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation as a Board Certified Nurse Coach. I have dozens of hours of coaching experience and have worked with a variety of clients to help them create sustainable change (see testimonials here). 

  • I have training in functional and integrative medicine through both extensive personal study and formal education. I am a graduate of the Women’s Functional & Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program​, by Dr. Aviva Romm. I have also studied the work of Weston A. Price, Morley Robbins, Ray Peat, Katy Bowman, Nadine Artemus, Lisa Hendrickson, and many others. I incorporate many of these principles into my coaching to provide my clients with high quality information so they can make decisions for their own health. 


I can’t wait to connect with you! Please reach out to me with any questions or visit this page to schedule a call to learn about how I can help you specifically