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Gina H.

“Brooke is a super caring listener and truly desires to come alongside in the areas of your health and wellness that are challenging in your life. She takes the time to share the wealth of knowledge she has and also works hard to find the best answers and solutions through articles and resources. For me, I came to Brooke in a super busy season of life with major events going on and while the information she shared with me was super valuable and helpful, remembering it all was a challenge. But now a couple months later I am going back to the follow up emails she sent me with LOTS of helpful resources and I am so thankful for her hard work in putting that all together that I can keep going back to. Much of what we talked about had to do with hormonal changes that are happening and I can continue to go back to the resources she sent to continue to be helped by them as needed. The questions and concerns I have are specific and different than those of others, and Brooke takes the time to listen and understand and research. The information she gathers and assembles are invaluable. I would definitely recommend going through nurse nutrition coaching with Brooke. You will be blessed by her!!” 


Rebekah K., 24

“Having the opportunity to have a coaching relationship with Brooke was a really beautiful opportunity for me. Brooke, by listening and asking questions, was extremely helpful as I processed through some difficult family, relationship, and internal difficulties. The way Brooke talked about the main “pillars” of her coaching brought many topics full circle in a really helpful way such as relating physical, spiritual and mental health. Setting active goals for each week that were attainable and measurable was also helpful to process through with Brooke. Besides being a wonderful soundboard to bounce ideas and thoughts off of/get feedback from, near the end of our meetings Brooke talked me through some helpful holistic tools that I can use to help with cramping and PMS. I think one of my favorite things about meeting with Brooke was how comfortable she makes me feel. I had the privilege of knowing her before this nurse coaching but I imagine that whether I was meeting her for the first time or not, Brooke would have made our time together extremely comfortable as she has many gifts in caring for others and hospitality.” 


Michelle G.

“My work with Brooke was life changing. She was a joy to work with. Brooke was extremely humble and gentle to work with. She's strong in her faith and I was so glad to have shared that with her as I explored my spiritual walk and garnered her support and encouragement through prayer. Brooke is a very attentive listener and helped me to explore many different areas of my well being. She walked me through areas of inaction in my life and through exploring past experiences I was able to realize that one of my biggest hangups is fear of failure from past experiences. She helped me to turn that around into something positive and helped walk me through and move forward with little action steps. In my work with Brooke, one of my goals was to listen to my body and keep things simple- as to not put too much pressure on myself. I love that though that goal was very basic- she helped me walk through what that looked like and celebrated with me along the way when I was harnessing my ability to listen to my body. One aspect that made this coaching experience unique is that each week, Brooke would start the conversation by recapping what we covered in the previous week. She reviewed previous successes, talked about goals and helped to remind me of all we'd worked on already before asking if I had any specific areas I'd like to celebrate. I thought it was really neat to bring together each coaching session the way she did.” 


Hallie G.

"Brooke is an incredibly compassionate nurse coach who demonstrates brave, self-exploration and a healthy work-life balance. Her commitment to stepping outside of her comfort zone during our sessions inspired me to want to do the same, and her personal, lifestyle medicine is an excellent example for me, as a fellow RN. I found Brooke to be open-minded and curious in a way that invited me to open up to her and discover new insights about my relationship with Self. She guided me to pay attention to my breath and body sensations to calibrate mindfulness during our sessions, and I was able to apply this to my life during the time between our sessions. I always felt supported and validated, and Brooke helped me re-frame some of my self-perceptions, allowing me to let go of a little more of my perfectionism. She is dedicated to her own, ongoing growth and development, both personally and professionally, she is a wealth of knowledge and a fantastic educator. Brooke's experience in and passion for women's health make her an ideal nurse coach for women of all ages and the men who love them!" 


Sydney W.

“Working with Brooke was such an enriching experience. As someone who works in wellness and is very in tune with my health, I found that Brooke offered valuable support in helping me set and stick to goals. She gave me plenty of space to explore and encouraged me to dig deeper on areas of resistance to get to the root of what was blocking me from choosing health-positive practices. Even having accountability for small, simple changes made a huge difference and helped me to feel more in control. Through our sessions, I was able to establish better routines that gave me a platform for finding more energetic balance in my life. I feel like working with a nurse coach specifically was a great avenue for me, as someone with chronic illness, because I felt Brooke was uniquely qualified to work with someone like me, where I don't think I would have been as confident with someone without that medical background.”

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