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A.R., 24

"Working with Brooke was amazing and empowering! I was nervous about the transition off the pill, but she provided me with so much support. Learning how to track, chart and interpret my cycles has been so rewarding. There is definitely a learning curve, but Brooke is an amazing teacher and mentor. Whenever I had questions, she was able to answer them or guide me to the right resources. I am also a nurse, and never really had an interest in working in women’s health, but after working with Brooke I have become so excited and passionate about fertility awareness! I cannot wait to share what I have learned with others, and I highly recommend working with Brooke!"

C.R, 29

"If you're looking for a comprehensive deep dive into using the FAMM method of cycle tracking for birth control or to conceive, book an appointment with Brooke. You will get the care and support you need to understand the science of hormones in action in your body. Not to mention, I trust Brooke with my healthcare implicitly because of her rigorous standard for quality health care, her extensive training and certification in FAMM, and her years of experience as a registered nurse. You can trust that when you work with Brooke, you're working with a true expert who has your best health in mind at all times of the process. If you're on the fence -- take it from me, I've been through her 6 month program and I am more connected and in tune with my hormonal cycle thanks to Brooke's compassionate care and expert guidance as a FAMM practitioner."

J.S., 41

"Brooke's coaching is 100% worth your investment. Brooke has dedicated her personal and professional life to understanding the details of health and wellness when it comes to the unique fluctuations that are the reproductive years for women. Whether you want more informed ways to optimize pre-conception and gestational health or prevent it all together; Brooke is your answer! Brooke covers a wealth of information and resources from topics ranging from metabolic health, thyroid function, nutrition, sleep, movement, insulin resistance, PMS, and perimenopause. Often you don't get the attention and thoroughness you desire from managed healthcare appointments. Brooke is the anecdote. While she does not give medical advice, she does provide what you need to be an informed consumer of health and wellness in a friendly and warm manner. Schedule a consultation with Brooke, you will not regret it!"

M.N., 45

"I wish that all humans with cycles had the opportunity to learn how to track, interpret, and honor their cycle with the support of someone like Brooke. Brooke is passionate, caring, and actively supportive in the learning process. Whether you have struggled with painful periods, missing periods, infertility, or some other challenge around your reproductive health this is a powerful tool that will help you take charge of your health. Learning how to track and interpret your cycle is worth the time and investment no matter your age."

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